Come learn, live and practice Keto with me! And everything in between

Hi World! Get to know a bit about me and Keto

Hi my name is Carmen Trejo I was born and raised in Phoenix Arizona. I still live in Phoenix a true native ( we are a dying breed there aren’t to many of us).  I actually ventured out and moved to Houston Texas for a few years 4.5 to be exact and I couldn’t wait to come home every single day I was there. I’m looking forward to the journey that lies ahead. I invite each and everyone of you to join me so we can learn and grow together (I hope you do).  So I will tell you a bit about Carmen and what brought her to this very moment of creating this site to share with you, the world. ( I figured if I share with the world I will be held accountable)   🙂

Have you ever woken up and felt like your life has passed you by, and you cant even remember how or why you have ended up as you have??? Well I did, I woke up one morning, June 16th 2017 to be exact and I wasn’t happy with where I was. I had just been laid off the day before and not in such a happy place. However I had lots of time to think!! To think of how unhappy I was with my current health situation, I had let myself regain 75+ lbs. that I had struggled to loose some 5 yrs. ago.  I’m drowning in debt, and dealing with how to balance my life, my marriage to my crazy Cuban, my finances,  my aging parents (my father has cancer he was diagnosed back in 2012), and I have recently become a grandmother to the most gorgeous grandson!!!! Its a lot to deal with, especially when you constantly battle your own demons.

So I got to thinking first things first, we have to start with our health. With out health I cant help my parents, my children, my grandson, my partner in crime my crazy Cuban. (You’ll hear a lot about him too) You know that pain you feel in your whole body when you wake up in the morning and cant get out of bed?? The one that makes your back hurt, your shoulders hurt, your feet, even your eyes?? Well I’m so very tired of that feeling, I want to feel healthy, I want to be able to wake up and get out of bed feeling energized and wanting to go out and see the world. Its sad but I haven’t felt that in awhile.  I guess in few words I want to live again.

This is where Keto comes in, hence my blog name 2KetoAndBeyond, I know that a ketogenic diet works. What’s Keto you ask?? Keto is a high fat, moderate protein, and low carb diet. I wouldn’t really call it a diet it should be treated as a new life style in order for you to be successful and reap all the benefits this way of eating brings.   I’ve done it in the past, my sister and nephew are both living proof it works as well. You will meet them both later in upcoming post.

I will also provide you with more information on Keto and how we can take this journey together if you decide to join me, and I really hope you do!!